Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meditation, privilege, wisdom, supportive people, and a healthy dose of rebelliousness allowed me to create my own path in life. I was one of the blessed ones. Happy. Well-traveled. Single. Independent. Balanced. Funny. Confident. Successful enough to afford at least one international vacation, but poor enough to be truly grateful for everything I had.

Confidently coasting toward my thirty-fifth birthday, my paved trail suddenly seemed to deliquesce into wilderness. Life was speeding faster than I could pave, and I was about to get lost and stumble and find myself meandering through this unchartered, unpaved, jungle without any food, water, or gps system. Now of course this is metaphorical, so what happened to my perception of my blessed life? Don't worry, despite what it may sound like, this wasn't an eat-pray-love type of pandemonium.

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